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Stainless steel air curtain.

SS air curtain supplier.

Quick delivery of our air curtains all over Australia.

Air curtain:
Air curtains prevent loss of air-conditioned or heated air whilst helping with your energy bills.

Air curtains are an efficient way for dust and insect proofing your premises.
The correct air curtain selection will protect against the effects of smoke, noxious fumes, flying insects and dust.

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Torion stainless steel air curtains save energy and protect the indoor environment from dust, fumes and insects.
Torion ambient air curtain.
Torion heated air curtain.
Torion stainless steel air curtain.

Torion  900mm air curtain.
Torion 1200mm air curtain.
Torion 1500mm air curtain.
Torion 1800mm air curtain.
Torion 2000mm air curtain.

Industrial air curtain.
Recessed in ceiling air curtain.
High air flow air curtain.
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Stainless steel air curtain
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Stainless steel air curtain manual
Levante air curtain.

Air curtains for shops, cafe's and restaurants - download pdf.

Stainless steel Air Curtains.
Complete With Infrared Remote Control.

Lightweight, attractive design, mounted
at up to
4 metre heights, with the
convenience of infrared remote control.
Available  in 5 sizes, 900mm
, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm. 2 speed fans.

Installing air curtains in cold storage facilities.

Cold-storage facilities without an air curtain increase the inside temperature
of their cool rooms by up to 5
degrees, this is a very good reason to install an appropriate air curtain.

If the door is left open for five minutes, the temperature inside the cool room will go up by 10 degrees plus.
When an air curtain is installed the temperature goes up by only approx. 2 degrees. 
It cost up to 50% less in energy costs to reduce the inside temperature to -5 degrees with an appropriate air curtain.

Model Air Volme Air volume Air speed Noise Input power   Net weight Dimension
  l/s m/s (m/s) (dB) @ 1 metre (power) Watts   (Kg) L x D x H
  Hi Low HI Low Hi Low Hi Lo Hi Lo    
FM4009S-L 388 277 1400 1000 20 16 57 54 300 270 14   900x241x215
FM4012S-L 527 416 1900 1500 20 16 58 55 400 370 18 1200x241x215
FM4015S-L 638 527 2300 1900 20 16 61 58 500 470 25 1500x241x215
FM4018S-L 791 625 2850 2250 20 16 63 60 600 570 28 1800x241x215
FM4020S-L 904 793 3255 2855 20 16 64 62 620 590 30 2000x241x215

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